Program for Adults

Adult Driver Education

If you have chosen to wait until you are 18 or older to get your Driver's License this course may help you!

Our program offers:

3 hours of Classroom instruction focusing on Risk Prevention, Traffic Laws and Vehicle Emergencies

2 hours of In-Car Instruction focusing on Basic Vehicle Control Tasks and Maneuverability

The course is scheduled on an individual basis

COST: $110


Course Objectives:

To provide a brief yet comprehensive overview of the driving task and the risks involved

To enhance the student's current abilities though discussion, video and practical application

To provide the necessary information required for taking the State of Ohio Driver's Examination test

I felt welcomed in class."

Richland High Student

The instructor helped us by telling stories and making it fun

Eisenhower High Student

I think I am a better driver now that I have gone through Eds Driving School.

Selah High Student

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